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Welcome To Our Kickstart Foundation

The Kickstart Foundation’s Board of Trustees have a broad base of skills and expertise. The trustees make important & key decisions about the Foundation’s ongoing activities, strategy and finance by providing leadership and direction. They are also vital to ensure they make sure the Foundation pursues objectives as defined in Kickstart Foundation’s governing documents and in accordance with prevailing laws and any other relevant legislation or regulations.

Murphy Town lad Nikhil has never set foot outside the country. But in a few days from now, Nikhil will leave his footprint in the Netherlands. The 19-year-old is one of the talented boys who will travel with the Kickstart FC Academy around Eindhoven, Zeeburgia, Philipps and Amsterdam in Holland on an all-expenses paid exposure tour focused on developing their talent from June 6-16. To know more about Kickstart FC's Netherlands tour, watch: Click here