Bring back the past glory of Karnataka football in Bangalore. To impact grass root level footballers in the underprivileged sections of Bangalore through the following measures.

  • Provide kits
  • Coaching
  • A nutritious power snack
  • Life skills
  • Vocational training


Social inclusion through passion for football.

Develop and strengthen the culture of football at the grass root level in India and impact lives positively. Enable India as a footballing nation.


Create an ecosystem to identify and nurture football talent and holistic development .....mentor for career in Football

Talent scouting and development at grass root level : underprivileged, economically challenged sections (Below Poverty Line )

Roadmap : phase 1 - Bangalore. Phase 2 - Chennai, Vijaywada

Talent groups – U8/ U10/ U13 / U15. But focus on younger segment  

Intervention measures

  • Structured Coaching : based on Dutch national football standards and certified coaches
  • Fitness & Nutrition : Long term program with professional inputs
  • Provide quality playing kits
  • Life skills & Vocational training : build right attitude and economic sustenance

Provide national and International opportunities

Integrate the talent value chain : Big clubs to Football Academies - will create effective talent supply, infrastructure, support staff, coaches