• 4 S model of training - Speed, Skill, Strength, Stamina.
  • Tie up with SBC Holland. ( Son En Breugel). Through SBC committed access to other leading Dutch Football Powerhouses - PSV Eindhoven, Ajax, Feyenoord. The support includes trials, player exchange, international friendly matches.
  • Coaches certification by Dutch Football federation through SBC.
  • Every ground will have 3 coaches - 1 head & 2 assistant. They would be supported by Administrative staff
  • Promising talents - Professional training monitored by SBC.
  • Program open for both boys and girls

Football Kit

  • Entire football kit –
    • jersey
    • shorts
    • stockings
    • shin guards
    • quality football boots
    • track suits, footballs

Fitness & Nutrition

  • Manipal Hospital to conduct fitness assessment and regular checks to record progress
  • Manipal Nutritionist to recommend individualized nutrition requirement
  • Fitness tests - Endurance, Agility, Strength - through structured industry certified tests – Yo Yo Endurance test, Beep test, Cone drills, RAST (Running based Anaerobic Sprint Test), Vertical/Horizontal jump test, and others.
  • Power snacks during every training session
  • Individual Fitness progress report - regularly maintained to review progress

Life Skills /Vocational Trainings

  • BPL society section – catchment area for football talent
  • Life skills/ attitudinal training interventions designed in a way that will impact sports professional - will catalyze social integration on and off the football field.
  • Vocational training – electrician, plumbers ...