Football Heroes From The Ghettos - Jun 21, 2014

Away from the grandeur of the FIFA World Cup, a team of 14 in the dingy shanties of Austin Town is prepping to play The Great Wall Cup of China.
Friday was their day off from training. The footballers from the dingy shanties at Austin Town were making plans for the evening, when one of them received a call from their coach informing about an interview scheduled in the next hour. Their immediate task was to locate all the members of the team (most don't use a cellphone) and assemble at their home ground in Austin Town.    View more

Philanthropy and sport- the Bangalore story - Apr 25, 2012

Action from a football tournament in Pillanna Garden in August 2010. Around 10,000 people turned up for the five-a-side tournament. Events such as these are as much a social celebration as a sporting occasion.
In the romance of our imagination, sport is a vehicle for the discovery of heroes. Central to this theme is the do-gooder – the man with means who goes about seeking sporting stars on the streets and in slums. There’s a certain allure there that’s hard to resist. Countless movies have been made on the hero living in obscurity who is suddenly discovered thanks to the benevolence of a stranger.    View more